Monastic Weekend at Wrentham, August 16-18, 2019

Monastic Experience Weekend August 16-18, 2019
Mount St. Mary’s Abbey Wrentham MA

“All creation holds its breath, listening within me,
because, to hear you, I keep silent.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

We are offering Monastic Experience Weekend August 16-18 to give women discerning a religious vocation an immersion in our communal prayer and a taste of our way of life through the witness and experience of some of our sisters. This event also offers the joy of meeting other young women who are seeking their place in the Church. Time is provided for individual conversations with the sisters on the formation team.

A weekend experience will not necessarily lead to a decision, but it usually sheds light upon each one’s path. Young women have found participating in this weekend
helpful in their spiritual lives.

If you are a single Catholic woman of any racial or ethnic background, between the ages of 20 and 40, you are most welcome. Come and see!

Vocation Director
Sr Katie McNamara