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Balancing Prayer, Reading and Work

We are the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, a religious order of monks and nuns in the Roman Catholic Church, also known as “Trappists” or “Trappistines”.

We believe in the power of deep, contemplative prayer, and we pursue it wholeheartedly by following the centuries’ old Rule of St. Benedict. In simplicity, silence and separation from dominant culture, we balance the practices of prayer, reading and work.

Our deep inner lives, distinct daily rhythms and shared spiritual journey become a continuous prayer of life—to God and for the world.

People who meet Jesus experience profound transformations. Our hearts ache to give expression to the love awakened by the encounter. We must let go of selfishness and fear to love this fully and freely. This work of letting go and loving God is called conversion—and that is what life in a Trappist monastery is all about.

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Daily Reflection for January 22, 2021

Another time, two old men, great anchorites, came to the district of Pelusia to visit Sarah. When they arrived one said to the other, "Let us humiliate this old woman." So they said to her, "Be careful not to become conceited thinking to yourself: "Look how anchorites are coming to see me, a mere woman." But Amma Sarah said to them, "According to nature I am a woman, but not according to my thoughts."

We might say today, "It is better not to judge a book by it"s cover. "Truly Sarah had gained more insight into the ways of God than had her male counterparts.


Deep inner life.

A Trappist seeks to let go of daily distractions to free the mind and heart for deep contemplation of God. Our activities and attire are simple and humble. Our grounds are profoundly silent save for purposeful speech, quiet chant and the sounds of nature. We are lovers of place and find blessings in union with and stewardship of creation. We maintain decided degrees of separation from the outside world—so that we may continually renew ourselves and the world through prayer.

Distinct daily rhythms.

The Trappist experience balances the spiritual, intellectual and physical with a life of steady rhythms. Days are punctuated with frequent prayer and worship, the study of sacred texts, and simple, honest work that sustains our earthly mission.

Each activity enriches the other, keeping our hands, hearts and minds fully alive—so that we are always ready to listen and respond to God’s call.

Shared spiritual journey.

Trappist communities bring together people of diverse ages and backgrounds who share a deep desire to know God, discern His will, and to give ourselves over to His love.

We grow in friendship, support each individual’s ongoing formation and wellbeing, and draw inspiration as we encounter the presence of Jesus Christ in community.

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Vocation Stories

“Call on Jesus"

“That fall my actual conversion took place. I had been leading a very selfish life that included many self-destructive habits. These only helped me become increasingly more depressed and isolated. One night, feeling very depressed and lost, I tried to find someone on my phone who I could call and cry to. Finding no-one, a familiar catch-phrase came to mind, “Call on Jesus”…

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