A monk of New Clairvaux Abbey comments on the role of the Angels:

“The first thing that is often overlooked is that God really, really loves His Holy Angels!  We think of them as His messengers and servants and that is true, but like us they also are His children, and He knows and loves each one in special unique way. That is what makes it so amazing that He sends them to be our helpers and guardians!: it shows how much He loves us to send his precious ones, and it shows us how much He loves them that He sends them on a mission so close to His Heart.

In the monastery we strive to foster a supernatural sense of the awareness of Heaven around us, of the reality of the Presence of God and His Angels and Saints with us. Frequently throughout the day we can ask the Holy Angels, and particularly our guardian angel, for Heaven’s help and direction in our daily tasks. They are eager to help us glorify God and grow closer to Jesus, because they love Him so much too!  At choir and Holy Mass the angels are invisibly there with the monks, singing and adoring.”