Mount St. Mary's Abbey

Early October of 1949 saw the arrival of the first Cistercian nuns to the United States. Four young women, one of whom was Canadian, accompanied by several Irish nuns from Glencairn, Ireland brought to birth Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey in a little corner of New England.

In the following years, three daughter houses were founded from this first abbey. Not long after their arrival, and keeping with the Order’s tradition and spirituality to be self-supporting, a candy industry was begun at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey and continues to this day.

The Cistercian way of life lives on at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey through the three principles of Liturgy, Lectio and Labor. It is the living out of the Gospels in a love that is uncluttered, selfless and yet always nourished by the desire for more of the God Who first called us into being.

Our guest house is open for retreats and those who come for quiet time away are welcome to share in our daily rhythm of prayer and silence. If you are interested, please feel free to be in touch.

Discernment weekends for those interested in our contemplative way of life are held in February and August of each year.

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