Can someone who has college debt join the Trappistines?

I am a recent Masters graduate and have incurred a little bit of debt (around $14,000). I know that some orders allow those with debt to enter (they are allowed to work their debt off as they make their vows). Is it possible with this order? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of these questions! God Bless!


The situation of candidates to religious life with large outstanding college debts is something we encounter more and more these days. Different monasteries have different policies. Some require the candidate to be debt free before entering the monastery.

Others assist the candidate to pay the debt by drawing on a fund created by donors who wish to support vocations to monastic life. You would need to contact the individual Vocation Director of a particular monastery to inquire what their policy is.

Most importantly, don’t let this factor alone discourage or distract you from discerning what might be an authentic call from God to enter monastic life. If you have a genuine vocation to our life, an outstanding debt will not be an insurmountable obstacle. There are good people who wish to help! God bless you!