Abbot Gerard D'Souza re-elected at Genesee Abbey

Abbot Gerard D’Souza’s six-year term as Abbot having expired, the community gathered to elect a successor this past Thursday, May 31st, Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady. The Father Immediate, Abbot Elias Dietz, Abbot of Gethemani, presided following all the protocol of Canon Law and the Constitutions of the Order.

Before the election the community must vote on whether the election will be for an indefinite or a six-year term. The vote was for a six-year term. To no one’s surprise, Fr. Gerard was elected for another six-year term on the first ballot by a large majority.

He was duly installed and each member renewed his vow of obedience to him.

Br. Walter makes his vow of obedience to Dom Gerard