Br. John Blaschik makes first profession of monastic vows

Br. Efrain Sosa reports on the entrance of a new member to temporary vows at Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville VA:

“This morning at chapter Br. John Blaschik professed his temporary vows for one year and renewable until he takes his solemn vows. Br. John was born in Connecticut and grew up on his family farm. He is very knowledgeable of trees and how to care for the land. But he didn’t stay as a farmer for after graduating from college he got himself involved in politics so much so that he was elected First Selectman or Mayor of East Haddan, CT. He held that office from 1983-1991. After finishing his term of office he went to the Fire Department and went on to become Fire Chief of the Town of East Hadden and he retired from the Connecticut Office as State Fire Marshal. He came to Holy Cross Abbey in 2013 and started his formation journey. We are very happy to have Br. John as part of our community.”


Br. John kneeling before monastic community


Br. John hugging Fr. Efrain