Sr. Myriam's Solemn Vows and Monastic Consecration

The nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery announce with joy that their Sr. Myriam Saint-Vilus made her Solemn Profession of monastic vows on Friday, June 19th, Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The video of the profession ceremony is viewable via the following link:


Sr. Myriam standing in cowl, smiling

Sr. Myriam shares her feelings on this momentous occasion:

“My vocation story is a tale of divine mercy. The Lord Jesus knows it too well and for this I give thanks. For though I have sat in the company of scoffers and followed the counsels and ways of sinners, the Lord kept an eye on me anyway. And though I often moved about my own affairs scarcely acknowledging him, he has not withdrawn his presence from me. Still, oddly enough I have always had a great reverence for him! I know now that has been his work of mercy. Anyhow, somehow the Lord snatched me from the slippery path and set me beside the flowing stream.
O Lord, though the fruits of your endeavor are yet to come, I beg you to take consolation in the fact that through her monastic profession this lost sheep has taken the first step back to the fold. I acknowledge that I have a long way to go. But you Lord are Just. I realize that the work of perfection in one’s life is that of your merciful love. With abundance you have exhibited your love to me which I too often fail to receive gratefully as well as extend fittingly to my neighbor. But this is my belief that you would not have pulled me up only to let me unwittingly fall again. Yes, the enemy takes on many shapes or forms. But you shall effectively train me in the art of obedience and humility; which shall become my weapons. And at the end of this life Lord, I hope to be able to escape judgment in the assembly of the just.”