Online Essay and Film explores Thomas Merton's 1968 Journey in the American West

Sisters from Redwoods Abbey are featured in a unique “film” essay entitled, On the Road with Thomas Merton.

In May 1968, Christian mystic Thomas Merton undertook a pilgrimage to the American West. Fifty years later, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and writer Fred Bahnson set out to follow Merton’s path, retracing the monk’s journey across the landscape. Amid stunning backdrops of ocean, redwood, and canyon, the film features the faces and voices of people Merton encountered. The essay offers a more intimate meditation on Merton’s life and the relevance of the spiritual journey today.

The 11 minute film by Seifert accompanied by a fine essay by Fred Bahnson can be found on the following link to ‘Emergence’, an online magazine.  Enjoy!  On the Road with Thomas Merton