Advent Expectations: Open and Expectant for the Birth of Christ

Advent wreath placed before the altar in Redwoods Abbey ChurchWaiting Silence Stillness Hope. These are themes for the Season of Advent, the time used to prepare for the birth of Christ in our hearts and world. Christ is coming. Christ will be here very soon.

Indeed Christ has already come. This year, when the pandemic tears at our social fabric, Christ has already come to us through the loving outreach of relatives, friends, co-workers and through essential workers and first responders. Christ is with us in suffering, grief and this seemingly endless waiting. In Hope, Faith and Love, Christ abides in us and we in Him.

An Advent Hymn
Comfort my people and quiet her fear;
tell her the time of salvation draws near.
Tell her I come to remove all her shame;
“She that is pitied” shall be her new name.
Say to the cities of Judah: “Behold!
Gentle, yet mighty, the arm of the Lord
rescues the captives of darkness and sin,
bringing them justice and joy without end.”
Mountains and hills shall become like a plain.
Vanished are mourning and hunger and pain;
never again shall these war against you;
“See, he comes quickly to make all things new.”
(Text based on Isaiah 40)