Mepkin Abbey offers Columbarium burial niches on the Monastery Grounds

The Monks of Mepkin Abbey:  Our land is our greatest asset at Mepkin Abbey. Besides aspiring to be good stewards of this land, we have continually tried to use it for the benefit of others that they too may share the serenity, beauty, and peace with which God has blessed this place. The seventy plus years of monks praying here have indeed made this Sacred Ground.

group stands on grass listening to service at Mepkin Columbarium wallIn a tangible way, we are providing the opportunity to share in this peace and serenity by constructing a Columbarium Wall with niches to inurn the cremated remains of loved ones. We see this as an extension of our hospitality for those, of any faith or beyond the household of faith, who have some affinity with the life that is lived here, a reverence for the beauty of this place and who are looking for a sacred resting place of reflection and remembrance for their cremated remains, or those of their loved ones.

In addition to incorporating deceased loved one into our prayer life and into our cherished landscape by the Cooper River, we are offering you the opportunity to help support a continued monastic presence in the Low country through the purchase of a columbarium niche.

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