Mepkin Abbey Crèche Festival Winners

Mepkin Abbey Announces the Top Five Favorite Crèche Displays

The 2021 Annual Crèche Festival featured 95 displays from Mepkin’s collection. The displays were created both here in South Carolina and all around the world. Our guests voted for their favorites, and here are the top five crèche displays.

Oyster shell nativity, “Bethlehem Within,” by Chris Nietert
Mepkin Monk Nativity by Laren Loccisano and Michael Palin
Banana leaf fiber nativity-Congo
Triptych Ceramic Crèche by Angel Allen
Provence Santons-Provence, France

Here are photos of a few of the creches:


Bert Keller of the Post & Courier newspaper shares a reflection based on his Creche Festival experience: Aging for Amateurs: How the Creche teaches the virtue of a simple life