Fr. Peter Tong celebrates 50th jubilee of priesthood

On the Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Peter Tong of Gethsemani Abbey marked the golden jubilee of his priestly ordination by serving as principal celebrant at the community Mass. “With your grace I am humbled to stand before you today to celebrate my golden jubilee of the priestly ordination,” he said at the opening of Mass. “It has been an honor to be with you at this special occasion to give thanks to the almighty and merciful God.”

Born in South Vietnam, Fr. Peter was ordained a priest there in 1968. He served first as secretary to his bishop before becoming a chaplain to the South Vietnam Air Force and military hospital during the civil war.

He was later placed in a Viet Cong prison camp, where his captors tortured and attempted to indoctrinate him for 10 years. Ultimately, he escaped and fled to California, where he served as a priest there for some time. After discerning a call to monastic life, Fr. Peter entered Gethsemani in 1994.

May God continue to bless Fr. Peter and all Gethsemani’s priests in their ministry to the community.