New abbess for Mt. Saint Mary's Abbey, Wrentham

On February 11th, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, both Mary and the Holy Spirit were palpably present as the nuns of Mt. Saint Mary’s Abbey, Wrentham, MA, elected their new abbess, Mother Sofia Millican, a citizen of the United Kingdom who spent most of her childhood in Wales. When Mother Sofia was an undergraduate at Harvard University she attended a Monastic Weekend at Wrentham, an experience which led her comparatively quickly and directly to entrance as a postulant, October 15, 2007. She made her Solemn Vows, the Sunday after Easter, 2014, and at the time of her election was sub-prioress, web master and production manager of Trappistine Quality Candy. Her joyful yes to God and to the community over the years and particularly on the day of her election is a source of great joy and hope for the sisters as well.