Br. Lazarus makes simple profession

Monk joins three brothers in Gethsemani’s juniorate

During Sunday Chapter on Oct. 6, Brother Lazarus vowed stability, obedience and conversatio morum – fidelity to the monastic way of life – at the Abbey of Gethsemani for one year.

Dom Elias Dietz hands new junior Br. Lazarus a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict.

After writing the vows in his own hand, Br. Lazarus read them aloud, signed them and handed them to Dom Elias in the presence of the brothers.

As an outward sign of this commitment – known as temporary or simple profession – the abbot and novice master removed his white novitiate scapular and placed upon him the black scapular and leather belt of the professed.

The abbot also gave him a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict, which lays out the monastic way of life.

As a junior, Br. Lazarus will move out of the novitiate and occupy a new cell with the professed. He will also take on new levels of responsibility and receive a permanent work assignment.

The newly professed with some of his confreres in Gethsemani's juniorate.

This was Gethsemani’s third simple profession ceremony in three years, with Br. Matthias making simple vows in 2017 and Brs. Abel and Joseph in 2018.

Simple profession is renewed annually for at least two more years before a brother is able to request solemn, perpetual vows.

Please pray for our juniors and for all our order’s monks and nuns in formation.

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